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Moving In

Happy Fourth of July! I hope everyone is able to enjoy some down time today during this celebration of America’s independence. In my case, some recreation in the form of a round of golf is going to be much appreciated after a hectic few weeks. Why were we so busy? Our team made the big move into our new office space in Southern California that will be home base for the Marketplace Events Motorcycle Group!

Since forming MPE’s Motorcycle Group at the beginning of 2012, our team has been working hard from offices within our homes. Don’t get me wrong, working from home has its distinct advantages, but the truth is that nothing replaces the synergy that comes from an office atmosphere, especially when it’s filled with people holding a similar vision!  In many ways, the office is a microcosm of the concept we’ve embraced for the American International Motorcycle Expo – it’s much more efficient and effective to have everyone in one place at one time!!

Upon getting settled into the new space, there are plenty of little things you don’t think about compared to arriving at a job where an office is already in place. Kudos to Mike Webster, MPE Trade Show Division President who was given the temporary title of Director of Furniture and Telecom Acquisition, after he successfully negotiated the lease on a great space for our team.  And after we had taken possession of the new office space, a lack of furniture didn’t stop us from having a few meetings on a temporary conference table – a card table I brought from home.  Trying to coordinate furniture delivery, IT setup, and the all important coffee maker is a full time effort – which, now that it’s done, Mike swears he’ll never do again!  Thanks Mike, it was worth it!!



Mike Webster – Director of Furniture and Telecom Acquisition!

Cinnamon Kernes – Yes, her Ducati is parked right outside her window

Kerry Graeber – The marketing guru settling in

Matt Cavanaugh – Cinnamon’s keeping an eye on his GSX-R600
while he’s spreading the good news about AIMExpo

Bonnie Finer – Keeping us organized, on point, and on time!

Me (Larry Little) – I’m a happy camper

Moving the Motorcycle Group into our office – with everyone in one place at one time– is just another step closer to the inaugural AIMExpo. I’m sure you’ve seen our team is growing and our excitement only increases with each piece of this journey being put into place. Don’t hesitate to come by and pop your head into our offices at One Venture, Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92618 or by phone at our toll free number 1-855-MC-SHOWS (627-4697).

Happy Birthday America!

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